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Most social indiscretion will be forgiven without you even realizing. Myanmar people known that foreign visitor have their own custom and different ways of doing things, but if you are aware of some of the Dos and Don'ts you will earn respects from locals. Don'ts get too hung up about learning a huge list of
Dos and Don'ts....


  • When you meet each other, plese say "Min-ga-la-bar"  that means Hello.
  • When you pass through in front of an elder person, please lower your head a little bit to show respect.
  • When you eat something altogethter, please take your meal only after elder person has taken first.
  • When you are enterning religious places (especially Pagodas and Monatery), ethnic houses, please take off your shoes and footwear.
  • When you give somthing to elder person or someone, please offer by both hands.
  • When you go to the religious places (Temples, Pagodas and Monasteries), please wear decent clothes.
  • When you get to molest others involuntarily, please say "Gadawt" twice, as a gesture of asking pardson.
  • When you see Monks, Novices and Nuns, please pay respect to them.
  • When someone help you, please say " Kya Zu Bae" that means "Thank you".
  • When you take a photo to someone, respect the local livelihood and daily life by asking permission before taking photo.
  • A void sitting in chairs or the same level as Monks or Nuns and certainly not higher.
  • Respect all Buddha Images. They are held sacred and sacrilegious acts are punishable by imprisonments.
  • Serve elders first.
  • Prepare for exposing high temperautre (Recommend to bring light cotton clothes). Always seek the advice from travel agent, tour operators or locals.
  • Carry toilet paper in your travel bag.
  • Cross the road with extra care, even when using pedestrian crossing.
  • Try and learn a few useful phrases in Myanmar, (It helps).
  • SMILE a lot. We love friendly people.
  • Last but not the least, have valid to Myanmar. (Check; Passport and visa information section).


  • Do not offer to shake hands with a Monk or do not touch a Monk.
  • Do not wear the shoes and shorts at the Pagodas and Monasteries.
  • Do not kiss in public Area and in particular in the enclosure of a Pagoda.
  • Do not touch the head of anybody.
  • Do not sit with back aginst Buddha Image.
  • Do not handle Buddha Images or sacred object with disrespect.
  • Do not turn the plant of the feet towards somebody, a Monk or a statue of Buddha.
  • Do not show an object or a person with the point of the feet.
  • Do not shake a hand of woman, except if she takes initiative of it.
  • Do not go where you are advised not to go.
  • Do not make noisily a places of worship.
  • Do not point with fingers at another's person face.
  • Do not women sitting on the roof of bus or train (for tour own safety).
  • Do not couples showing public affections.
  • Do not drink alcoholic drinks in public.
  • Do not bring out any antiquities such as Statue of Buddha and other antique items from the country.
  • Do not go where you are not advise to.
  • Do not drinkk tap water
  • Do not eat food from road side stalls.
  • Do not sunbath nude.
  • Do not overstay your visa.


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