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mawlamyaing01Mawlamyine is the capital city of Mon State. Once it was the capital of Mon Kingdom which had flourished from the 3rd century BC to the 11th century AD, stretching across Thailand and Cambodia through centuries. It is easily accessible by car or train from Yangon. Kyaikhtiyo pagoda (The Golden Rock) is an ideal place for pilgrims. Mawlamyine is famous for the Shwesandaw Pagoda, Mawlamyine Market and Gaung-say (Shampoo) Island at mid-river. Gaung-say means washing the head of the kings in those days. Mawlamyine is also a seaport. If time permitted, tourists should visit there and proceed to Thanbyuzayat town, a town famous for the Allied Cemetery of Allied soldiers who fell in the construction of railroad form Thanbyuzayat to Thailand during the Japanese occupation between 1942 and 1945. Visiting Mudon, Kyaikmaraw and Kyaikkhami mid-water Pagoda at Setse Beach are also a must-visit.





kyaikhteeyo01Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is located about 160 km from Yangon, rising 1100 meters above sea level. The pagoda is famous for its unique position standing on the top of a massive bell-like stone around 80 feet in diameter is preciously perched at an impossible angle stop a rocky mountain tip. The Golden Rock (Kyaik-htiyo or Kyaiktiyo) is a sacred, massive gold–leafed boulder delicately balanced on the edge of a cliff and is topped by a small stupa at the top of Mount Kyaik-hti-yo. It was built in the year 574 BC more than 2500 years ago and now well know as Miracle Golden Rock and which starting at pilgrim-village. An endless stream of pilgrims comes to admire the sight and add squares of gold leaf to its surface. The Golden Rock is a truly extraordinary natural feature. It is little wonder it is regarded with such sacred awe. According to legend, it is kept in place by a single hair of the Buddha. The views from the Golden Rock are spectacular and many visitors stay to watch the sunset. The attraction of the Kyaikhtiyo is that it offers about 7.5 miles of spirited mountain trekking, criss-crossing forests and bamboo groves with accompanying animals and birds of the forests. 



thanphyu-zayat01Thanbyuzayat (which roughly translated means”a white iron resting hut") and is approximately 65 kilometers south of Mawlamyine. It lies at the foothills that separate Myanmar from Thailand and is virtually inaccessible. The only road is drivable, but in a bad state of repair. The Town is famous for the Allied Cemetery of Allied soldiers who fell in the construction of railroad form Thanbyuzayat to Thailand during the Japanese occupation between 1942 and 1945. The first Prisoners of War arrived at Thanbyuzayat via Mawlamyine in September 1942 and established a POW base camp. The total number of graves in Thanbyuzayat is 3,771, of which 1,588 were British including 27 unknown graves. 1,335 were Australian and 621 were Dutch and numerous others.



hpaan01Hpa-an is a capital of Kayin State. Possible to reach it by road from Yangon across a new Bridge ( Thanlwin ) over the Thanlwin River. Hpa-an is small town but busy commerce center you can see farmer coming to town in horse carts or trishaws stacked with baskets or mass to sell in the market. Most of people are Kayin.



It lies 24 km south of Kyaikkami and 16 km south-west of Thanbyuzayut, Mon State. It is a very wide, brown-sand beach that tends toward tidal flats when the shallow surf-line recedes at low tide. The beach is lined by waving casuarinas trees. Vendors sell fresh young coconuts full of juice, and restaurants serve seafood. It is one of the noted beaches in Myanmar.


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