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Traveler Cheques & Credit Card

US Dollars are widely accept throuhout Myanmar and you can easily change them to the Local Currency (Kyats). But there are very places (Hotels and Airlines) that accept Travelers Cheques or Credit Crads. So you must take in Cash for your expenses and to buy souvenirs in Myanmar.

Information on Dollars in Myanmar

All notes must be new or in excellent condition. Notes with marks, stains, or apparent folds will be very different to change anywhere in Myanmar. You can bring small or larger $ 50 or $ 100 (preferred) no problem.

Insurance and Health

Before arrival in Myanmar, to get Travel insurance in your country is highly recommended to protect you from unexpected events such as transportations delays, lost or stolen luggage, natural disasters, medical emergencies, and etc. The best solution is to take travel and health Insurance from your Country. Also bring any medicine you may need.

Mobile Phones;

Hand phone or Mobile phones and Satellite phones from other countries currently do not operate in Myanmar.

Baggage Allowance

The limit of Baggage allowance for domestic flights is 20 Kg.


Myanmar cuisine represents an intriguing blend of Mon, Indian, Bamar and Chinese influences. The core of any Myanmar meal is ‘’ Rice ‘’ eaten with curry dishes commonly are fish, chicken, prawns and mutton. Beef and Pork are of little eaten by Myanmar people.


Light, casual cotton clothes are advisable to be rhythmic with Myanmar Climate. For all visits to pagodas and temples, every body has to remove shoes and even socks, we advise wearing slippers or other slip-on shoes which are easy to put on and take off. When visiting to religious monuments, visitors should be simply dressed and it is not appropriate to wear shorts and short skirts. Hats, sunglasses and sun cream are highly recommended.

When to Go

The Best Season for visiting Myanmar falls between October to End of April but Myanmar is a year round destination.

Visa & Passport

A valid Passport with Entry Visa is required of all visitors. A Tourist Visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendible for an additional 14 days. Visa application can also be submitted at Myanmar Embassy nearest to your location or can be obtained from Myanmar eVisa (Official Govement Website) . Ordinary passport holders from the following countries are giving visa exemption for 14 days-

(a) Brunei
(b) Cambodia
(c) Indonesia
(d) Laos
(e) Philippines
(f) Vietnam
(g) Thailand
(h) Singapore

Border Passing

Border passing from Mae Sai to Tacheleik, Ranong to Kawthaung and Shwe Li to Muse are possible until further notice. However, tourists who passed and came to Myanmar from border and who would like to leave from Yangon International Airport, special permission from MTT (Myanmar Travels & Tours) is needed and it will take at least one month to get approval letter from MTT.

Airport Tax

Airport Tax is levied on all passengers leaving Myanmar on international flights: USD 10 payable at the Yangon International Airport. There is no airport tax on Domestic flights.


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